Problems encountered with basic operating equipment
One, the device link is not on the computer?
        1check whether the device is in the main interface.
        2check whether the equipment and operating software are the same model.
        3check whether the cable is correctly connected: USB turn RS232 cable connection computer USB short wire link device. (The use of stable products is recommended, for example: British chip FTDI-FT232)
        4whether or not equipped with USB turn RS232 corresponding to the driver.
        5COM port set in the range value 1 ~ 8.
        6the device reboot, turn off the debugging software on the computer, the line link to the device and then open the software.
        7 can not be opened at the same time as other debugging software. 
        8 whether the operation software is decompressed to the computer desktop or placed on the computer desktop, prohibit placed on the C disk.
        9 if there is a link after the plug link link does not appear, you can restart the machine or restart the software.
Second, fan noise?
        1Check that the screw is loose.
Third, when the device window pops up "Common System stop! Hey! Hey! "
        1Please send it back to the factory when this happens

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