First, the basic conditions of agency

1, there is a fixed business place or office space (to provide legal and effective business license);

2, agree with the brand idea and target of Lei Meng Technology, love the sound business and have strong cooperation willingness and confidence.

3, has the brand management idea, has certain marketing method and the sales skill. Have the ability of market management, good sales team, good regional market development and management ability;

4, there is a priority in the sales channels and operating experience of the excellent sound fields, and the management experience of the audio related industry is given priority.

5, business, tax documents / procedures are complete, submit copies of relevant documents;

Two. Agent process

1, agent application: message or telephone to contact our marketing department responsible person to communicate with each other to understand the basic situation of the other party. Interested parties will submit their application to us according to the requirements and provide valuable qualification documents.

2. Qualification examination: invitation letter (electric) is issued after analyzing and examining the information provided by the applicant.

3, formal negotiations: further discussions with our company on specific issues of cooperation, conditions permit the arrangement of visits, visits personally, and ways of joining.

4, the contract is determined: signing the "agency agreement", depending on the specific circumstances of the region decided to submit the margin and its amount.

Three, agent support

1, brand support: Lei Meng Technology is a comprehensive professional audio company integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It has a variety of patents and software copyright, and continues to carry out the promotion and development of various provinces and markets, and to preserve and increase the amount of the orders of the franchisees.

2, after sales support: to provide a complete set of operations for the partners, including system research and development, production, testing and acceptance, packaging and transportation, quality and after-sales and other system process. Headquarters regularly visit, solve problems, and provide training for new products. Pay close attention to market developments, provide help and support for any problems encountered by franchise partners in the course of operation, and send regular visits and guidance to them.

3, talent support: provide a full range of basic training for staff.

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