In 2010, Mr. Wu Dan developed the digital audio processor X5 (that is, X5 effector).
In 2014, Mr. Wu Dan first published the digital audio processor M5 (that is, M5 effector).
In 2015, "Guangzhou Lei Meng Technology Co., Ltd." was formally established, and the founder of the company was Mr. Wu Dan.
In 2016, the company produced digital audio processor Q1 (that is, Q1 effector).
In 2017, the company produced digital audio processor M5PRO (i.e. M5PRO effector) in 2017, and launched broadband voltage processor M6 in September of the same year.
In 2017, it won the "top ten excellent brand" certificate of audio processor in the 2017 year.
In 2017, we participated in the technical exhibition of 2017 new sound and lighting products.
In 2017, it was awarded the "China search official flow entry enterprise" certificate.
2017-2018 years won the "annual quality supplier" title of HC audio lighting network.
In 2017, -2020 won the "China search official preferred brand" certificate.
All the digital audio processors received relevant patent certificates and software copyright in 2018.
In 2018, the company launched 2018 audio processor M5PRO (M5PRO effector) and 2018 An audio processor M6 (M6 effect)

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