About us

About us

  "Guangzhou Lei Meng science and Technology Co., Ltd." was founded in 2015, is a comprehensive professional audio company integrating R & D, production, sales and service. At present, the main business is audio processor series. 

  Wu Dan, the founder of the company, is the originator of the digital audio processor X5 in China, that is, the X5 effector, and owns the copyright of the X5 effector  DSP software. Under the guidance of Mr. Wu Dan, "Lei Meng Technology" R & D team keep up with that concept and dare to innovate has produced a series of professional audio products, such as M5, Q1, M5S and M5Pro in a few short years,not only has obtained a number of product patents and DSP software copyright, but also as much as possible to meet the needs of a wide range of users. At present, the company does not rely on chips for all its products. We have made up for the shortage of the previous generation of effector chips, which is not subject to the supply and demand of the chip market.The new generation of products represented by "M6" have pioneered technologies, greatly improved compatibility and stability, and initiated the supply reform in audio field.

  Review the past, first-class audio experience is our original intention and pursuit; Looking ahead, it is our goal and honor to lead the innovation trend in audio field. We will be adhering to the rigorous, careful, solid, in place of the style, always keep driving force, focus on research and development of superior products, lead the user to enter a more stereo, vivid, real audio era!

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